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Tax included. Shift Knob ships worldwide for $18.00.

The Shift Knob consists of two parts; the body and the cap. Our clever design enables you to change the weight of the Shift Knob by swapping caps for a customizable shift feeling. It can be bought with either a heavy cap which makes the shift knob weigh exactly as much as the OEM shifter or the light cap which gives a more notchy and sporty feeling - ideal for track day enthusiasts.

The design pays homage to NA Miata's shift knob, just slightly bigger to fit the rest of ND's interior. It’s wrapped in black leather with matching red stitching with the rest of the interior. White stitching will be available soon too!

If you already have a shift knob, add an extra cap to feel more sporty with light cap or to regain the OEM feeling with Ankhasport's Shift Knob.

If you don't have a shift knob yet, buy it together with extra cap to get two shift knobs in one package and FREE shipping.

Swapping caps is an easy process - only requires a bolt to be removed and the cap will come off with ease. 

Scan the QR code on the box or check our owner's manual here to learn how to swap the caps and more.


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