About us

Aftermarket auto parts industry is a huge market filled with thousands of firms from around the world. Many car enthusiasts seek to enhance their driving experience, increase performance of their cars or replace worn out OEM parts with aftermarket alternatives.

There is a consensus amongst enthusiasts that there is always a compromise with aftermarket parts, be it durability, usability or ease of maintenance.

We disagree.

At Ankha Sport, we are car and motorsport enthusiasts dedicated to build high quality, robust aftermarket parts for the automotive industry. We take pride in over-engineering everything we design.

We believe that customers should not have to pay OEM prices to get OEM quality. Every Ankha Sport product is designed to feel and operate as good as if not better than an OEM part.

Our desire to innovate is what drives us to design the best products in every category. We will continue to expand our product line to suit the needs of all enthusiasts driving all kinds of cars.